October 24, 2006

Labour facism

One of the very few liberal things that Labour have done is allow pubs to open a little longer. But only if you have government approval to drink, without it you cannot go into a bar at all, and everybody gets treated like a criminal no matter what they do. Of course the facists of Labour claim that this is voluntary, it's just that if the pubs don't 'volunteer' then they could get shut down. Fingerprinting being also used in Labour's compulsory ID Card system. Then there is Labour's national DNA database, now set to include the DNA of every single person in the country. Or the automated number plate recognition system that will track every single car journey in the country, and the highest concentration of CCTV anywhere in the world. Labour have legislated to ban encryption, and make anybody with anything that looks like an encrypted document on their computer guilty until they can prove themselves innocent or they decrypt it for the police. This is not the only crime for which you are guilty until proven innocent thanks to Labour, or can be convicted and sent to prison based on gossip. That is if you get a trial at all and are not simply executed in the streets under Labour's shoot to kill policy. Or you could be interned, unable to see the evidence (if there is any) against you or even speak to anybody that has! Labour have legislate to give themselves emergency powers greater than Hilter's Enabling Act. They have created all the legislation needed by a dictator, all it needs is somebody to activate it.


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